“Zift Organization” was founded in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, as a small group in 2009. At the beginning, we only applied for projects, afterwards we have started to train new amateur project groups and youngsters. We have given some seminars and training courses about Erasmus plus projects. In 2011, we gathered 38 different project groups from all around Turkey and declared our organization as “Zift United Project Groups”. “Zift” managed 78 projects in 30 different provinces during these 7 years with tremendous success stories and hosted approximately 3000 participants in Turkey from 22 different countries as a result of those projects.

“Zift United Project Groups” have partners in all Europe, have sent more than 1000 Turkish participants abroad and help them meet with Erasmus Plus projects while having partnerships in over 300 projects. The Organization recruits the participants being trained on “Project Writing Camps” and seminars which are organised on specific times of the year by our leaders and trainers who are experts in their fields which are “Organization and Management, Public Relations, Animations, Designing, Web-Designing, Information Technologies, Financial Management and English Literature.”

Zift organization is getting bigger and stronger with the support of the volunteers day by day. We now have more than 150 active and about 500 passive members in 7 different cities and universities.

Our vision is;
• to manage our every new single project better than the previous one with a way of befitting to our history and without compromising any kind of quality but with more excitement,
• to keep remaining trustworthy for our members and participants,
• to produce high quality projects in all over Turkey and Europe as well,
• to reach out to the youth of our nation as many as we can and make them part of this world,
• to take places in the European projects as many as we can and send our members abroad and make them recognize the Europe,
• to make youngsters experience other cultures and destroy the borders among nations,
• to contribute to the promoting of our country while hosting our foreign participants coming for the projects we manage.

Our mission is;
• to serve with honesty, equitability, and fidelity while being respectful to both humanity and society,
• to abide by law, economic and moral principles and values in all our projects.

Our value is;
• to maintain our existing honest, fair, loyal, dynamic, creative and innovative structure,
• to raise awareness among youngsters about social problems and voluntarism.

What will Erasmus Plus projects contribute to you?
You will have these opportunities;
• to meet with people that have different cultures,
• to have a chance to participate in the projects in Turkey as well as the ones in all around Europe while European Union covers for your travel, accommodation and food expenses,
• to get possibility to have a certificate in your CV from European Commision called “YouthPass” which has an International validness,
• to gain lots of skills and improve your abilities about many different subjects of the projects.

You; young people!
• may benefit from the features mentioned above and more,
• may enhance yourselves, identify different cultures and perspectives, see many countries, have friendship from other nations, have better and enriched point of view,
come and join us, be part of this great organization, ZİFT.

* Zift United Project Groups and Zift Organization are LEGAL organizations which always help the members and amateur groups, support the development of youngsters WILLINGLY and FREE OF CHARGE.

*There is no membership fee in our organization.